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起点加速器官方网站 is a podcast created by Matt and Melissa Dunphy. It chronicles their engagement with the archaeology and history of Philadelphia. For direct links to archaeology-related episodes *click here…


Philadelphia Archaeological Forum is making available to the public a database of historic burial grounds in the city.

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As longtime advocates for those who can no longer speak for themselves, PAF is lobbying for clearer municipal laws that compel developers to handle burial remains respectfully. We have created an extensive geographical database (GIS) that currently includes more than 200 historic burial places in Philadelphia.

It is PAF’s intention that,in addition to being useful to historians, archaeologists, and other researchers, consulting the database of known cemeteries and private family plots will become a starting point in the process of due diligence of both developers and the city of Philadelphia when considering new projects.

The database, originally the personal research of archaeologist Kimberly Morrell, has been assembled from historic maps, newspapers, academic theses and other sources. Research is ongoing, but the database is the most comprehensive such resource to date.

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起点加速器网址 to help solve the burial place issue.

Archaeological Research and Reporting on burials found in Philadelphia to date.

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In the summer of 2014, archaeologist Rebecca Yamin found herself digging in the heart of Philadelphia at the future site of the Museum of the American Revolution. The study that came afterwards, enumerated in her 2018 book Archaeology At The Site Of The Museum Of The American Revolution: A Tale of Two Taverns and the Growth of Philadelphia, provided for a cross-century analysis of the city’s earliest inhabitants in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. From taverns and brothels to buttons and bowls, Yamin spoke with Antiques and the Arts Weekly about what she found beneath the streets of the City of Brotherly Love.

Read the Q & A 启点网络加速器官网



PAF President Douglas Mooney has been named by Mayor Kenny to the city’s new Historic Preservation Task Force. The National Trust for Historic Preservation will provide technical assistance to the task force and a grant from the William Penn Foundation will support its operations. The task force began its work in June 2017, and is to present its final recommendations by December 2018.

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Graves beneath Schuylkill Yards? Developer meets with experts — and Quakers — to discuss what to do

by Stephan Salisbury, Philadelphia, Inquirer, Updated: May 21, 2024

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Delaware waterfront agency promises public a role in plans for historic port site archaeology,  Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/13/19


Testing finds signs of African-American burial ground beneath Chestnut Street property: Portions of the cemetery, dating to the 19th century, may still lie beneath land owned by Penn. University officials are working with the community to decide what’s next. 2024 Penn Today

Inside the Hunt for Artifacts Buried Under Philly’s Oldest Properties: Who knew there could be so much treasure in ye olde Colonial privy? Philadelphia Magazine 2/13/19.




YouTube免费加速器 : An Unknown Potter’s Slipware Cup

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Great write up of the archaeology public service announcements produced by Drexel University students in the Drexel paper, The Triangle. The story is titled, Westphal students illuminate skyline with archaeology PSAs .

What do Philadelphia-area archaeologists actually do?

Lauren Cook wrote about a day in the life of an archaeologist in July 2015 while in the midst of a three-week project in Evesham Township, New Jersey. He and his crew were working to define the boundaries and assess the significance of a Native American site discovered earlier that the year.

Read about Archaeologist Lauren Cook’s day here…

Lauren J. Cook, RPA
Dewberry Engineers
Past PAF Vice President

See what other Philadelphia-area archaeologists actually do — and what Philadelphia-area residents do with archaeology — at the Philadelphia Day of Archaeology blogging project here…

Help the Pennsylvania State Historical Preservation Office Build A Digital Library!

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If you have digital copies of reports, survey forms, and PASS forms contact them here…

Featured University Research Project of Interest


The construction of the ‘the Delaware Expressway’ (I-95) almost 60 years ago destroyed great swaths of the oldest portions of Philadelphia –and simultaneously created preservationists who fought to save America’s birthplace. This study, submitted by Alanna Stewart as fulfillment of a Masters Degree (Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania), explores the historic fabric lost, as well as the protests and heritage conservation movement that resulted from the highway development. Archaeologists will particularly appreciate Stewart’s overview of the The Pennsylvania Historical Salvage Council organized to deal with the archaeological aspects of the highway’s impact. The development of salvage archaeology related to federal highway activity, and the early players in Philadelphia archaeology — including John Cotter and Anthony Garvin — make this a valuable report for those with an interest in Philadelphia Archaeology.

Stewart, Alanna C. (2011).The Construction of Interstate-95: A Failure to Preserve a City’s History(Masters Thesis). University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.



The Philadelphia Certified Local Government Evaluation Report released in 2016 details the findings and recommendations of the City’s historic preservation programs by the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office. This evaluation was prepared with input from several non-profit organizations with a specific interest in historic preservation, design, planning, and development issues — including the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum. Of the Conclusions and Recommendations in this final evaluation report, one is specific to archaeology and all are relevant to the City’s adequate participation as a CLG.

Read the PAF input to the report and the resulting recommendations here….


Making The Museum

Created during the construction of the Museum of the American Revolution, this blog has weekly entries from the archaeology team excavating the site where the museum will be built and entries from the lab where the recovered objects are processed. John Milner Associates archaeologist Rebecca Yamin writes about their discoveries.

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京安古贝公司概况|氦气回收|氦液化器|氦气纯化|液氦输液管:2021-12-17 · 京安古贝(北京)科技有限公司是专业从事低温应用工程真空系统研发,制造,销售及服务的高新技术公司,包括氦气回收,氦液化器,氦气纯化,液氦输液管.

Could they have invented it? @Digging In The Archives: Archiving the archeological research of Independence National Historical Park, 1950-2000.
Blog posting by Patrice L Jeppson, June 23, 2009

A wonderful discovery! While inventorying a file of History Office correspondence [at Independence National Historical Park] I came across a 1961 letter from the Park Superintendent that reports on “an ultrasonic cleaning device in use for cleaning archeological artifacts”. I wondered, Could it be that archaeologists working at INDE came up with this artifact processing method? Today it is common to find ultrasonic cleaners in archaeology labs….Then I found the clincher, a letter from an employee at Circo Ultrasonic Corporation (in New Jersey) asking how their device — a Model PG 60 generator and 60 T transducerized tank of 1-gallon capacity — had fared when put to this “unusual” task. The response from archaeologist B. B. Powell describes the INDE experiments trying different cleaning agents and the “excellent” results”.

See the archaeological record documents and read the whole blog posting about this important local invention that is now commonplace in archaeology labs here…

Read other Philadelphia archaeology articles and papers here…


Digging Deep : Buried Landscapes of Pennsylvania (20:24 minutes long, the section on Philadelphia archaeology begins in minute 13 of the production)


The excavation of Philadelphia’s Dyottville Glass Factory, is one of the archaeology sites featured in the video, “Digging Deep: Buried Landscapes of Prehistoric and Historic Pennsylvania”, produced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).

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Section 106 directs all federally-funded projects to consider the effects they may have on historic properties, including archaeological sites. Half a century of compliance with the NHPA has produced the greatest advances in our understanding of the buried past since the infancy of American archaeology in the early 19th century. This video was produced as part of the Making Archaeology Public initiative, or MAP, initiated by Dr. Lynne Sebastian, with the goal of introducing Americans to groundbreaking archaeological discoveries in Pennsylvania and in other states.

The MAP theme for Pennsylvania is “Digging Deep: Buried Landscapes of Prehistoric and Historic Pennsylvania”. This video tells the story of the great depths explored by compliance archaeologists in the Keystone State, and the amazingly well preserved record of human land use they have found here. This story is a story that could never have been told without the last 50 years of compliance with the NHPA – it’s a legacy all Pennsylvanians can be proud of!

Go here to view the video (Philadelphia Archaeology begins in minute 13 of the production).

See other Philadelphia archaeology video’s here…


起点加速器打不开  Local author, and friend and member of the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum, Harry Kyriakodis, has a new book due out this spring from the History Press, authored Harry and transportation expert Joel Spivak. Entitled Underground Philadelphia, covers all this subterranean (buried) and infrastructure-related for the last 300 years – including a number of archaeological discoveries. Chapter 18 deals with a topic much in the local news lately, “Digging Up Graves in Center City”.

Read a sneak 启点网络加速器官网

Archaeologists Join the March for Science

The American Anthropological Association (archaeology’s mother field), the Society for Historical Archaeology, and the Society for American Archaeology partnered for the March for Science held on April 22nd, 2017. Local Philadelphia archaeologists participated in the Philadelphia March, one of the 500 sister marches that took place around the U.S.A. and the world. Local archaeologists work directly for federal agencies, contract to such agencies, and or conduct research funded by federal monies such as the National Science Foundation.

Read about one local archaeologist, Daniel Eichinger, who was profiled on the March for Science Philadelphia Tumblr Blog here…

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